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Game Change: Marketing In The Digital Age

“Public Relations Is Crisis Management” And Other Myths

Posted by on Jun 30, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on “Public Relations Is Crisis Management” And Other Myths

The importance of a well-planned and well-executed public relations strategy for a start-up business can’t be emphasized enough. For this reason, it’s important for start-up entrepreneurs to ensure that they hire the right agency out of the several available. When looking to hire a PR agency for your start-up, you’ll probably get to hear various myths, often aimed at discouraging you from hiring a PR agency. This article discusses three of these myths. Public Relations Is All About Crisis Management It’s easy to believe that public relations is simply another term for crisis management. This is because the role of PR firm often comes to the limelight when commercial entities are faced with a crisis. For this reason, you may conclude that your start-up doesn’t need a public relations agency because you’re sure you won’t be having a crisis or two in the near future. Crisis management is an important service that a PR firm will offer. However, when there’s no crisis to be managed, a public relations firm will work to create a positive conversation around your product/service so that the target audience has a positive perception of your business. This is often done through social media marketing and by monitoring client perceptions towards your product/service through market research. A PR agency under your payroll won’t just sit idle until there’s a crisis. Hiring An In-House Manager Is Cheaper Than Hiring An Agency While it might be true that you’ll initially spend less to hire the services of an in-house manager, there are various other factors to consider before you come to a conclusion. For example, there’s the fact that an in-house manager will need to establish contacts with the media as he or she builds credibility. This might mean that it will take longer for your PR efforts to have any tangible results. Many public relations agencies have already established cordial relationships with the media. Thus, your PR campaign is likely to have tangible results within a shorter time frame. Large PR Agencies Are Better Than Small Agencies You might be tempted to hire larger and more established PR agencies because they often have a global/wider reach and because of the contacts/networks that the firm may have. However, you should consider the fact that a small, local-based agency is likely to have a better understanding of the market demographics in your locality. Thus, the small firm is likely to develop a PR strategy that is more responsive to the needs of the local population, which is probably your immediate target...

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How to Turn Custom Badges Into True Marketing Pieces

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When you have a seminar or any type of large gathering for visitors, potential clients and customers, or anyone else, you may want to think about creating custom badges for the event. These can pin to shirts or be attached to lanyards that people wear around their neck. No matter how they attach, they can work as much more than just identification badges. They can actually be true marketing pieces if you take advantage of the opportunity to design them properly. Note a few ways to do this. 1. Try an unusual shape and design A badge is often overlooked once a person has seen the name on it simply because it’s often square and white and very dull. To make people look twice at a badge, try an unusual shape or design. Choose something that fits in with your company brand; for example, if you have a restaurant chain, create a badge in the shape and design of a plate or hamburger. If you sell janitorial supplies, choose a badge in the shape of spray bottle. This will get those badges noticed. You can also choose an unusual color for your badges, or have them printed on foil or another metallic element for shine. A badge that’s fire engine red or bright yellow will get noticed more so than one that is white and dull. A foil badge may actually catch the light and this too will catch the eyes of those who see them. Anything you can do to make your badges stand out will help with marketing. 2. Include a direct catchphrase A good way to encourage people to act is to tell them to act! Your catchphrase can be something like, ‘Ask me about our great burgers’, or, ‘When you want the best clean, give us a call’. If you don’t have a catchphrase or something that won’t fit on a badge, be sure that you at least include your website and a note that says, ‘Visit our site today’. Then people will be more likely to actually visit your site and find out more about your product or services. Other than a catchphrase, you might include a motto that reflects your business. Many larger companies have mottos that they use in commercials and ads, so do the same. For a restaurant, your badges might say ‘Clean your plate!’ or for a janitorial supply company, it might be, ‘No less than sparkling’. Choose something that will fit a badge and it will become part of your marketing at your...

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